Help Me Attend Clarion UCSD 2014


Disclaimer: This campaign is incredibly time sensitive, which I why I can’t go for the standard crowdsourcing websites as they take up to 15 days to process funds – way too late for the deadline on the fee. 


The Short Version:

I’ve been invited to attend this year’s Clarion UCSD workshop. As a speculative fiction writer who wants to build a career in genre writing, this is a dream come true as this is not just a workshop, but a life changing experience. BUT it will cost me a total of $3682 to go!

I want to take this next step in my development, but I can’t do it on my own. I’m from a still developing country with a weaker currency compared to the US dollar.

The Full Story and What I Need:

In early March, I learned I’d been accepted to attend Clarion USCD 2014 and even received a scholarship. Clarion has been a life dream of mine and these $3682 will change not only my writing, but my whole life. Attending is proof that a non-native speaker can master writing in English. In the past, I’ve been told to not bother writing in a different language. I want to prove that I don’t need to be a native speaker to tell a good story.

I want to be a voice for my culture. I want to represent LGBTQ writers. I want to bring more diversity into speculative fiction and I believe Clarion can give my voice power.

However, even with a scholarship, the fee to attend is $1382, and needs to be paid by the 22nd of April. At the same time, I face a travelling fare of at least $2300, which includes changing two planes from two different airports and some incredibly pricey paperwork.

I don’t have the means to pay these sums on my own. Because I’m a Bulgarian native and not a native English speaker, I’ve experienced difficulty finding better paying freelance writing jobs and can currently only work towards covering my basic living expenses. All my savings have gone to help my family through a very unforgiving year, so I can’t rely on anyone else, except for the community that has made me feel accepted for so many years.

$2300 is the pure minimum, covering the plane tickets and paperwork. I’m working hard on saving every commission I earn on additional fees and expenses, including living expenses once I arrive in the US. Every bit on top makes this become a lesser struggle.

What This Campaign Offers You:

Thanks to the generosity of all editors and publishers who have published me in the past, I can offer digital editions of the following works I’m published in or have helped edit.

TALES OF THE FOX & FAE edited by Adele Wearing, published by Fox Spirit Books ELECTRIC VELOCIPEDE #27 edited by John Klima GEEK LOVE edited by Shanna Germaine & Janine Ashbless ARCANE VOLUME II edited by Nathan Shumate, published by Cold Fusion Media FIRE edited by Anne C. Perry & Jared Shurin

TALES TO TERRIFY VOLUME 1 edited by Tony C. Smith, Lawrence Santoro and ME!

Originally this campaign was meant to go on IndieGoGo, so the perks used to be more set in stone, but I’m more than happy to give out awards to amounts that vary within the price ranges below!


$5 – thank you email and a thank you on a social media platform
$15 – thank you email with a digital copy of FIRE
$25 – thank you email with a digital copy of FIRE, ARCANE VOLUME II
$40 – thank you email with a digital copy of FIRE, ARCANE VOLUME II, ELECTRIC VELOCIPEDE #27
$55 – thank you email with a digital copy of FIRE, ARCANE VOLUME II, ELECTRIC VELOCIPEDE #27, GEEK LOVE
$70 – thank you email with a digital copy of FIRE, ARCANE VOLUME II, ELECTRIC VELOCIPEDE #27, GEEK LOVE, TALES TO TERRIFY VOLUME 1
$130 – thank you email with a digital copy of FIRE, ARCANE VOLUME II, ELECTRIC VELOCIPEDE #27, GEEK LOVE, TALES TO TERRIFY VOLUME 1, TALES OF THE FOX & FAE, I also offer 3000 words of any commercial writing you need after September until the end of the year (5 of these – limited)
$200 – thank you email with a digital copy of FIRE, ARCANE VOLUME II, ELECTRIC VELOCIPEDE #27, GEEK LOVE, TALES TO TERRIFY VOLUME 1, TALES OF THE FOX & FAE, I also offer 3000 words of any commercial writing you need in the period of May 1st – June 10th. (5 of these – limited)

How Else You Can Help:
If you can’t make a donation, you can help spread the word! Share the campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Email, G+
Talk about the campaign and create some buzz IF YOU’VE REACHED THE END, I THANK YOU!! BELOW YOU CAN FIND THE PAYPAL BUTTON!

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  1. 4/8/2014

    I’m currently going through this stress myself! I’ve blogged about it at and

    You might want to consider speaking to the Editor-in-Chief of Vada Magazine, the LGBT publication I publish. They have a huge readership and feature a lot of speculative fiction-themed reviews and the like. Perhaps you could get an interview? Stuart Forward is the person to speak to, and he’s contactable at stuartforward @

    Best of luck!

    • 14468785_10155275918788275_4846562397247002011_o
      Haralambi Markov

      Hey Adam,

      Are you attending the San Diego Clarion? If so, we’ve been looking for each other for quite some time and we have a Facebook group.

      Thank you for the heads-up. I will most definitely speak with Stuart on this!

      • 4/9/2014

        No, I’m fundraising for a show at Edinburgh Fringe. But I’m working with LGBT writers and trying to navigate the challenges of crowdfunding too. Not as well as you, clearly, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

        • 14468785_10155275918788275_4846562397247002011_o
          Haralambi Markov

          Ah, I was so hopeful you were one of us! I’m very lucky to have a very supportive community of writers who have been very generous. Nice to meet you, though!

          • 4/9/2014

            I have considered it in the past. It was the cost of it that prevented me from applying. But perhaps in future?

  2. 4/9/2014

    Hey Brother – I made a donation – wish I had more to give. As a Clarion grad (class of 2012) I gotta tell you it’s the most transformative thing I ever did, and I actively encourage you to engage in any legal or illegal activity you need to do to get there! – Sam J M (PS – we were both in EV#27 – yr piece was fab!)

    • 14468785_10155275918788275_4846562397247002011_o
      Haralambi Markov

      Hey thank you! I saw and I knew the name was super familiar. 🙂 It’s still a complete chaos over here.

  3. […] Also, a quick aside. One of my near and dear speculative fiction friends, who is also a fantastic author, is trying to get from his home in Bulgaria to Clarion. Haralambi Markov is a hell of a guy, and it would be great to see him splash his way into speculative fiction. In a progressive genre like this, I think it is important to add diverse voices, and Haralambi has that in spades. Learn more about him and his quest to get to Clarion here. […]

  4. 4/16/2014

    Here via T.S. Bazelli’s blog post, and just wanted to say that I’ve gotten financial help in the past in order to attend a workshop, and I’m so glad I can pay it forward now. Congratulations, and good luck!

    • 14468785_10155275918788275_4846562397247002011_o
      Haralambi Markov

      Thank you! Means a lot.

  5. […] most people will lose during a 6-week-residential course. So I’ll be supporting Nicole and Haralambi Markov because dammit, ISBW supports fledgling writers. (OK, I’ll support Nicole once I find my […]

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