Haralambi Markov aka Harry Markov is:

  • a writer
  • an editor
  • a freelancer
  • a reviewer
  • a geek
  • a book hoarder
  • a list maker
  • an art fanatic
  • a TV junkie
  • a pop culture aficionado

I write speculative fiction – fantastical stories that decompose reality, sensual stories with a dark touch, superhero fiction, though mainly it’s weird things happening to weird people – and live with the weird in the coastal city of Varna, Bulgaria. I’m bilingual, a hoarder and have cultural ADHD. I have tweets in my head and facebook likes in my blood.

Work-wise, I’ve been employed at various positions. In my late teenhood, I have worked as a hotel desk receptionist and a call center operator, before moving on to my current position as a content writer/SEO specialist/social media specialist for a local company.

In the land of publishing I’ve sold fiction, read slush, edited anthologies, served as submissions editor for the horror podcast Tales to Terrify and worked as an assistant to Jason Sizemore for Zombie Feed.

If you want to talk to me, then please find me on all the social media channels or e-mail me at: haralambimarkov [at] gmail [dot] com