Eclipse casino: one of the best sites for french

Those who are looking for a casino to multi-faceted offering a variety of benefits, including any interesting bonus, a rich game and a wide selection of games should try the Eclipse Casino. It works with Betsoft Gaming, one of the names in full expansion in gambling software. With a rich interface, attractive and easy to use, Eclipse is becoming a very popular casino for punters who are not from the United States.

Eclipse casino: bonus offers

It is easy for you to find your favorite game among the many slots games and table games popular available on this platform, like poker, Baccarat, Blackjack and Roulette. Similarly, there are bonuses on each of the games which you can benefit. If you are a kind of big bettor, you may qualify for the Eclipse VIP program. This happens if you deposit at least €5000 on your account of Eclipse. You can also earn bonuses by referring new members to the Eclipse. Although the amount of this bonus is low (€25), if you see a lot of people, you can really earn a ton of cash bonuses that will give you more opportunities to win money at the casino.

Finally, you can get a lot of bonus simply by making a deposit. Indeed, you can receive bonuses on your first, second and third deposit. However, it is important that you read the policies and conditions attached to the bonus. In fact, most casinos, including Eclipse you to fill a certain number of bets before you can cash out winnings from the bonus. Making sure that you know the rules, you will have no trouble getting your bonus on the Eclipse casino winnings. In summary, Eclipse is a multi-faceted casino that offers individuals an excellent platform for gambling online. It also looks very realistic; you get a fantastic Casino from the comfort of your home.

What is the VIP status

Before a visitor to casino can get bonus and VIP promotions, he must first get the VIP status on a bonus free casino. Basically, there are three ways by which this can be done. First, a player can enjoy VIP status to have been regular on a casino during a given period of time. Second, the VIP status may be granted to big bettors who spend a certain amount of their own money on a casino, regardless of their membership level. Finally, some casinos allow subscriptions to enjoy the benefits of the VIP, payable subscriptions status monthly or annually.

Deposits of money

One of the promotions that VIP can receive a bonus free casino is an increase on the correspondence on deposit bonus. For example, while an ordinary player can receive 100% bonus match up to €200 every month, a VIP customer could receive this bonus double. There may be opportunities for the VIP to collect bonuses or even to access various bonus codes which are not available to other players.

Awards in-kind

Some of the rewards in kind which a lover of online casino can be accessed include concert tickets, free stays in luxury hotels, a number of free spins on the slots of their choice, meals free in restaurants five stars, and even access to exclusive lotteries. These lotteries may have important as car prices, packs of holiday luxury or real money.

Eclipse point system

Outside money and traditional prizes, VIP may be enrolled in a points system that allows them to collect credits which can be devoted to games or prizes. For example, while an ordinary player can earn a point for every dollar spent, a VIP can win the double or triple points. Later, these points can be redeemed for various prizes or even a number of free games.